BLME Capital Company Principles

BLME Capital Company is an independent Sharia’a compliant securities company delivering wealth management services now operating in Saudi Arabia.

Our values make us PROUD:

Passion and drive,
Resilient and agile,
Open and straightforward banking,
United we succeed,
Doing the right thing.

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BLME Capital Company People

Specialist Advice in Saudi Arabia

Real Estate

We’re experts in real estate and, in particular, clients from the GCC accessing real estate in the UK market.


We have offices in London, DIFC (Dubai International Financial Centre) and Saudi Arabia


We’re recruiting talented people from the UK and the GCC to provide exceptional specialised service for our clients.

Wealth Management

We provide personalized wealth management and investment services.


To meet Sharia’a levels of governance our business model is ethical. But we go far beyond that, threading contribution into everyday life within the organisation.


We embed diversity into our recruitment process and culture; and we’re a signatory of HM Treasury’s Women in Finance UK.